On 2017-03-21 07:22:57 +0100, Fabien COELHO wrote:
> > Add missing support for new node fields
> >
> > Commit b6fb534f added two new node fields but neglected to add copy and
> > comparison support for them, Mea culpa, should have checked for that.
> I've been annoyed by these stupid functions and forgetting to update them
> since I run into them while trying to fix an issue in pg_stat_statement some
> time ago.
> I've started to develop a perl script to generate most of them from headers.
> It is not done yet, but it looks that it can work in the end with limited
> effort. Currently it works for copy & equal.

It'd have to do out/read as well imo.

> Is there some interest to generate the x00kB of sources rather than edit
> them everytime, or forgetting it from time to time, or does everyone like it
> as it is?

>From my POV yes.  But it's not quite as trivial as just generating it
based on fields. Some fields are intentionally skipped, e.g. location,
for equalfuncs, but not copy/out/readfuncs. So there needs to be a way
to specify such special rules.

- Andres

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