Hello Andres,

It is not done yet, but it looks that it can work in the end with limited
effort. Currently it works for copy & equal.

It'd have to do out/read as well imo.

Sure. This part is WIP, though.

Is there some interest to generate the x00kB of sources rather than edit
them everytime, or forgetting it from time to time, or does everyone like it
as it is?

From my POV yes.  But it's not quite as trivial as just generating it
based on fields. Some fields are intentionally skipped, e.g. location,
for equalfuncs, but not copy/out/readfuncs. So there needs to be a way
to specify such special rules.

Indeed, I noticed these particularities... For some case it can be automated with limited input. For really special cases (eg a few read/out functions) , the script is told to skip some node types and the special manual version is taken from the file instead of being generated.


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