Hello Robert,

IMHO, what would be a lot more useful than something that generates
{read,equal,copy,out}funcs.c automatically would be something that
just checks them for trivial errors of omission.

Hmmm. Checking for errors is actually more complicated than generating the
function: basically you have to generate the function, at least
implicitely, then parse the actual functions, then compare the two, then generate meaningful messages. Thrice the work.

The idea would be that if you added a field that wasn't supposed to be
copied, you'd have to add something to copyfuncs.c that said, e.g.

/* NOTCOPIED: mymember */

Yep, I was thinking of maybe use directives added to header files to handle some special cases, but the real special cases would maybe more readily turned to manual to keep a simpler generation script.

I do not fancy relying on another representation/language because of Tom's objection that it would mean another language to learn, and I do not think that it is desirable in pg.


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