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> At this point, I suggest splitting this patch up into several
> potentially less controversial pieces.
> One big piece is that we currently don't support segment sizes larger
> than 64 GB, for various internal arithmetic reasons.  Your patch appears
> to address that.  So I suggest isolating that.  Assuming it works
> correctly, I think there would be no great concern about it.


> The next piece would be making the various tools aware of varying
> segment sizes without having to rely on a built-in value.


> The third piece would then be the rest that allows you to set the size
> at initdb
> If we take these in order, we would make it easier to test various sizes
> and see if there are any more unforeseen issues when changing sizes.  It
> would also make it easier to do performance testing so we can address
> the original question of what the default size should be.
> One concern I have is that your patch does not contain any tests.  There
> should probably be lots of tests.

This is looking like a reject in its current form.

Changing WAL filename to a new form seems best plan, but we don't have
time to do that and get it right, especially with no tests.

My summary of useful requirements would be
* Files smaller than 16MB and larger than 16MB are desirable
* LSN <-> filename mapping must be clear
* New filename format best for debugging and clarity

My proposal from here is that we allow only one new size in this
release, to minimize the splash zone. Keep the filename format as it
is now, using David's suggestion. Suggest adding 1GB as the only
additional option, which continues the idea of having 1GB as the max

New filename format can come in PG11 allowing much wider range of WAL
filesizes, bigger and smaller.

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