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> On 4/4/17 22:47, Amit Kapila wrote:
> >> Committed first part to allow internal representation change (only).
> >>
> >> No commitment yet to increasing wal-segsize in the way this patch has
> it.
> >>
> >
> > What part of patch you don't like and do you have any suggestions to
> > improve the same?
> I think there are still some questions and disagreements about how it
> should behave.

The  WALfilename - LSN mapping disruption for higher values you mean? Is
there anything else I have missed?

> I suggest the next step is to dial up the allowed segment size in
> configure and run some tests about what a reasonable maximum value could
> be.  I did a little bit of that, but somewhere around 256 MB, things got
> really slow.

Would it be better if just increase the limit to 128MB for now?
In next we can change the WAL file name format and expand the range?


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