On 30 Mar 2017 23:43, "Dmitry Dolgov" <9erthali...@gmail.com> wrote:

On 31 March 2017 at 00:01, Andrew Dunstan <andrew.duns...@2ndquadrant.com>
> I have just noticed as I was writing/testing the non-existent docs for
> this patch that it doesn't supply variants of to_tsvector that take a
> regconfig as the first argument. Is there a reason for that? Why
> should the json(b) versions be different from the text versions?

No, there is no reason, I just missed that. Here is a new version of the
patch (only the functions part)
to add those variants.

Congratulations with patch committed, who will write an addition
documentation? I think we need to touch  FTS and JSON parts.

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