On 01.04.2017 22:20, Andrew Dunstan wrote:
I added documentation when I committed it for the new functions, in the
FTS section. I'm not sure what we need to add to the JSON section if

Not sure, if this is related but the formatting of https://www.postgresql.org/docs/devel/static/functions-textsearch.html looks a bit strange.

Just 2 questions/notes:
1) in what order are the values of the JSON extracted?

2) Regarding the additional line:
to_tsvector([ config regconfig , ] document json(b)) tsvector reduce document text to tsvector to_tsvector('english', '{"a": "The Fat Rats"}'::json) 'fat':2 'rat':3

Maybe change "reduce document text to tsvector" to "extracting JSON values <in what order> and reduce to tsvector"?


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