On 3/24/17 10:49, Petr Jelinek wrote:
>>>>> On 07/03/17 06:23, Petr Jelinek wrote:
>>>>>> there has been discussion at the logical replication initial copy thread
>>>>>> [1] about making apply work with sync commit off by default for
>>>>>> performance reasons and adding option to change that per subscription.
>>>>>> Here I propose patch to implement this - it adds boolean column
>>>>>> subssynccommit to pg_subscription catalog which decides if
>>>>>> synchronous_commit should be off or local for apply. And it adds
>>>>>> SYNCHRONOUS_COMMIT = boolean to the list of WITH options for CREATE and
>>>>>> ALTER SUBSCRIPTION. When nothing is specified it will set it to false.

> Rebase after table copy patch got committed.

I think this change could use some more documentation.  Under what
circumstances would a user want to turn this back on?

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