Joe Conway <> writes:
> Any thoughts on whether 0001a and 0001b ought to be backpatched? I'm
> thinking not given the lack of past complaints but it might make sense
> to do.

I think 0001a absolutely needs to be, because it is fixing what is really
an ABI violation: sepgsql_needs_fmgr_hook is supposed to return our notion
of bool, but as things stand it's returning _Bool (which is why the
compiler is complaining).  Now we might get away with that on most
hardware, but on platforms where those are different widths, it's possible
to imagine function-return conventions that would make it fail.

0001b seems to only be needed for compilers that aren't smart enough
to see that tclass won't be referenced for RELKIND_INDEX, so it's
just cosmetic.

                        regards, tom lane

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