On 04/07/2017 11:37 AM, Mike Palmiotto wrote:
>>> I found some missing bits in the 0002 patch -- new version attached.
>>> Will wait on new regression tests before committing, but I expect we'll
>>> have those by end of today and be able to commit the rest tomorrow.
>> Attached are the regression test updates for partitioned tables.
> Actually attached this time.

Based on my review and testing of the 0002 patch I believe it is
correct. However Mike and I just went through the regression test patch
line by line and there are issues he needs to address -- there is no way
that is happening by tonight as the output is very verbose and we need
to be sure we are both testing the correct things and getting the
correct behaviors.

Based on that I can:

1) commit the 0002 patch now before the feature freeze and follow up
   with the regression test patch when ready in a couple of days
2) hold off on both patches until ready
3) push both patches to the next commitfest/pg11

Some argue this is an open issue against the new partitioning feature in
pg10 and therefore should be addressed now, and others do not. I can see
both sides of that argument.

In any case, thoughts on what to do?


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