On Thu, 19 Jun 2003, Christopher Kings-Lynne wrote:

> > We have less than two weeks to feature freeze.  Win32 is still in an
> > uncompleted state, and I haven't been able to return to it recently.
> > Jan is working on getting exec() working, and hopefully someone can help
> > me on signals.  If I get those two done, I think I can tweek Win32 in
> > minor ways during beta.
> >
> > I talked to Patrick about PITR, and with JR now back involved, he might
> > get it done.
> >
> > Basically, we might get them both in, or it might be a disaster that we
> > delayed beta for one month.
> What about the nested transaction stuff?
> Do we have any "killer" features added to 7.4 that we can shout about?
> There's usually been one or two in the past...?

I'm not sure if contrib/tsearch is a "killer" feature, but we hope
to submit completely new version of tsearch V2 before July 1.
Actually, we have stable code already used in some projects but
currently lacking documentation. Several people are working on tutorial,
reference guide. The problem is that Bruce seems is very overloaded and
for sure he'll have many patches close to July 1. Is it possible
to get rights to commit our changes ?

> Chris
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