Tom wrote:
> > Do we have any "killer" features added to 7.4 that we can shout about?
> We have a lot of pretty good stuff.  You're not happy that the
> performance of IN (subselect) has been fixed?  That btree index bloat is
> fixed...

For warehousing & reporting, "Add hash for evaluating GROUP BY aggregates" 
can be a killer feature.

> 7.4 is a killer release for them, and has been since about February,
> and they're getting tired of waiting. I think a lot of other people
> are in the same situation, even though they may not know it ;-)

A nightly reporting process that starts here at midnight each night
takes about 12 hours on 7.3 and about 9 hours on 7.4alpha; possibly
thanks to HashAggregates.   While this may not sound like much, it 
means Marketing could see results when they arive at work, instead 
of waiting for afternoon.  

The perceived improvement of "ready before work" vs. "wait three hours" 
is a killer feature for this system.


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