The Hermit Hacker <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> On Thu, 19 Jun 2003, Robert Treat wrote:
>> Well, I suppose that history has shown that waiting on specific features
>> causes trouble with postgresql development, but I don't see why a
>> release can't be based around waiting for feature x as long as feature x
>> is being actively worked on by trusted developers who have an endgame in
>> sight.
> Everyone has an 'endgame in sight', at least when they ask for a
> release to be postponed ... but then their date keeps slipping, etc
> ...
> The thing is, if win32 is 'that close to being finished', then as
> soon as v7.4 is out, that code should be ready to throw in ... and
> the same for every other features that could 'postpone a release'
> ...
> I'd rather see the dev cycle shortened by a month, then extended ...

Why couldn't you just release the win32 version of 7.4 when it was
finished.  If it takes an extra month then that just gives you guys
the chance to circulate *two* press releases.  The Native Win32 port
is likely to make a big enough splash all by itself.


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