Andrew Dunstan <> writes:
> I have released version 4.19 of the PostgreSQL Buildfarm client. It can
> be downloaded from
> <>

Nice work!

>   * Improvements to TAP tests logging and coverage. Each test set (i.e
>     each /t directory) is now logged separately. Coverage is extended to
>     remaining test sets in src/test except SSL tests.

I was going to plead with buildfarm owners who use --enable-tap-tests to
update sooner rather than later, because this separate-logging behavior
is going to make it a lot less painful to decipher failures during the
TAP tests.  However, in view of my results in
I can't really recommend that owners of slower machines update just yet.
Hopefully we can do something to trim down the added runtime.

> These changes mean that the client is more useful for testing
> development code, and also that testing config settings is much simpler.
> An initial test run on a fresh installation is now as simple as:
> ...
> To test development code, the from-source option is now much more
> flexible and friendly. For example, one might do something like:

These things are pretty cool, but maybe they need to be documented at

                        regards, tom lane

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