On 2017-05-01 21:10, Andrew Dunstan wrote:
Not sure I understand what "rerun a branch" from scratch means. If you
zap the branch directory you lose all its state. That's generally a bad

I mean like the first time when you set up the buildfarm client / branch. And it's not something I recomend doing all the time but some times when the buildfarm client doesn't clean up after it self and there are a lot of crap left it's "easier" to just zap everything and start over to get it running again.

Anyway, this patch should fix it for all uses. It creates the directory
if it doesn't exist.

    diff --git a/PGBuild/Utils.pm b/PGBuild/Utils.pm
    index 91c1362..175eaa7 100644
    --- a/PGBuild/Utils.pm
    +++ b/PGBuild/Utils.pm
    @@ -14,6 +14,8 @@ See accompanying License file for license details
     use strict;
     use warnings;

    +use File::Path;
     use Exporter   ();

    @@ -30,8 +32,9 @@ use vars qw($VERSION); $VERSION = 'REL_4.19';
     sub run_log
         my $command = shift;
    -    my $file=
    +   my $filedir =
    +   mkpath($filedir);
    +   my $file= "$filedir/lastcomand.log";
         unlink $file;
         system("$command > $file 2>&1");
         my @loglines;


Thanks.  Will try it out.


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