The Hermit Hacker wrote:

On Thu, 19 Jun 2003, Andrew Dunstan wrote:

Maybe a better strategy would be to get a release out soon but not wait
6 months for another release which would contain the Win32 port and the
PITR stuff (assuming those aren't done in time for this release).

Just a thought.

And definitely in agreement here ... I'd rather see a shortened dev cycle
prompted by a big feature being added, then delaying a release because "oh
oh, I need another few weeks" that draws out when something unexpected
happens :(

Yep, this makes sense. Looks like it'll be PostgreSQL 7.4 being all the present improvements, but without PITR and Win32. Then, in a few months (hopefully less than 3) we'll have PostgreSQL 8.0, with both of those major features in it (and whatever other enhancements have been added).

The only thing that makes me wince is that we have a protocol change at PostgreSQL 7.4 release instead of 8.0. It kind of doesn't sound right, having a protocol change in the "7 series", when we have an "8 series" coming up soon after.

Oh well, so it's not perfect...


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