Scott MArlowe wrote:
> On Sat, 21 Jun 2003, Bruce Momjian wrote:
>> The big puzzle is how do you get people (including myself) motivated
>> to work on a feature that takes a _huge_ amount of work to see any
>> payoff?  I would like to know.  Anyone?
> Pizza?  :-)

Unfortunately it's off my diet :-(

Seriously, I think an increased willingness to share the work around a bit
would be beneficial. I know that I volunteered to work on the w32 port at a
time when I was, as they say, "between jobs". The response was not
encouraging. Now I am working again and don't have much time available.

I know you can't simply divide tasks with infinite granularity ("nine women
can't make a bay in a month"). Some tasks require one or a few people to get
done and that's all that can be done. But if she/he/they can't get it done,
it's time to send out a call for help, IMNSHO.

Not meaning to criticize - the core team does a great job. I, too, have a
tendency to overcommit and under-delegate. It's very understandable.


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