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> Attached updated patch.

Committed, except for this bit:

+    A statement-level trigger defined on partitioned tables is fired only
+    once for the table itself, not once for every table in the partitioning
+    hierarchy.  However, row-level triggers of any affected leaf partitions
+    will be fired.

The first sentence there has a number of issues.  Grammatically, there
is an agreement problem: trigger is singular, but partitioned table is
plural, and one trigger isn't defined across multiple tables.  It
would have to say something like "A statement-level trigger defined on
a partitioned table".  But even with that correction, it's not really
saying what you want it to say.  Nobody would expect that the same
statement-level trigger would be fired multiple times.  The issue is
whether statement-level triggers on the partitions themselves will be
fired, not the statement-level trigger on the partitioned table.
Also, if this applies to inheritance as well as partitioning, then why
mention only partitioning?  I think we might want to document
something more here, but not like this.

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