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> "Dann Corbit" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > If there is no procedure for PostgreSQL of this nature, then there 
> > really needs to be.
> Are you volunteering to create it?  Step right up.

No.  And as an outsider, I rather doubt if any procedures I developed
would be taken very seriously.  If such procedures are to be developed,
I suspect that they will have to be developed from within if they are to
be successful.

This would be a good start:

A.  Combine:
        1.  Your regression test
        2.  Crashme (or some rough equivalent if you don't like it)
        3.  The NIST validation test suite
B.  Automate:
        1.  Installation of the tests
        2.  Execution of the tests
        3.  Transfer of the test results to a repository
        4.  Analysis of the test results
C.  Assign:
        1.  Criteria for acceptance of a build for release
        2.  Authority for acceptance of a build for release
        3.  Delegation rules for issue resolution
        4.  Procedures for issue resolution
> > I am sure that MySQL must have something in place
> > like that.  Their "Crash-Me" test suite shows (at least) that they 
> > have put a large effort into testing.
> ...ROTFL...  Crash-Me is not a regression test.  It is a 
> marketing effort.

Let's see...
Their marketing effort checks for STANDARDS conformance against over
several hundred distinct, important properties.
Their marketing effort checks for a number of interesting and valuable
Their marketing effort checks for system safety in a manner that is
better than anything I have ever seen from a commercial vendor.

And the PostgreSQL regression test is superior in what ways?

Look at this:

Their marketing effort makes PostgreSQL look superior to MySQL in most
areas.  If it is a marketing effort, then we must applaud them for their

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