"Dann Corbit" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> ...ROTFL...  Crash-Me is not a regression test.  It is a 
>> marketing effort.

> Their marketing effort checks for STANDARDS conformance against over
> several hundred distinct, important properties.

If you'd not spelled STANDARDS in caps I'd not have taken the trouble to
respond ... but I suggest you stop to count exactly how many of their
bullet points are actually grounded in the SQL standard, how many are
not, and how many are in fact counter to spec but agree with MySQL's
deviations from spec (of course those show as green for MySQL's version
of reality, and as "failures" for spec-compliant databases).

I have been through crash-me in some detail, and it left a very bad
taste in my mouth.  Don't bother holding it up as an example of good

                        regards, tom lane

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