scott.marlowe wrote:
> Peter is coming off awfully paternalistic here.  I'd rather have a few 
> extra scripts to look through to find what I need when I'm trying to 
> figure out something than to have a tool that only the hackers know exists 
> and I can only get by asking nicely to see the pretty code.
> While no one wants to see a contrib or tool directory of a hundred megs, 
> lots of little example files and testing scripts can be nice for nothing 
> else other than the examples they provide.  I learned a lot when I first 
> started using pgsql from the things in the contrib directory.

Having something that just runs and I don't have to fiddle with it is a
big help --- of course, it took me a few years to realize that this is
the best way to test patches --- kind of embarassing that I didn't think
of it in 1997.

I think the patch came out of complaints that my patch application was
letting in broken code --- since I have been using it, I am mostly down
to weird bugs or platform problem, but the obvious patch problems are
pretty much gone, which some people might have noticed.

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