On 2017-05-12 10:57:55 +0200, Petr Jelinek wrote:
> Hmm, well it helps but actually now that we don't track individual
> running transactions anymore it got much less effective (my version of
> 0005 does as well).
> The example workload I test with is:
> session 1: open transaction, do a write, keep it open
> session 2: pgbench  -M simple -N -c 10 -P 1 -T 5
> session 3: run CREATE_REPLICATION_SLOT LOGICAL in walsender
> session 2: pgbench  -M simple -N -c 10 -P 1 -T 20
> session 1: commit
> And wait for session 3 to finish slot creation, takes about 20 mins on
> my laptop without patches, minute and half with your patches for 0004
> and 0005 (or with your 0004 and my 0005) and about 2s with my original
> 0004 and 0005.

Is that with assertions enabled or not?  With assertions all the time
post patches seems to be spent in some Asserts in reorderbuffer.c,
without it takes less than a second for me here.

I'm appylying these now.


Andres Freund

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