On 13/05/17 22:23, Andres Freund wrote:
> On 2017-05-12 10:57:55 +0200, Petr Jelinek wrote:
>> Hmm, well it helps but actually now that we don't track individual
>> running transactions anymore it got much less effective (my version of
>> 0005 does as well).
>> The example workload I test with is:
>> session 1: open transaction, do a write, keep it open
>> session 2: pgbench  -M simple -N -c 10 -P 1 -T 5
>> session 3: run CREATE_REPLICATION_SLOT LOGICAL in walsender
>> session 2: pgbench  -M simple -N -c 10 -P 1 -T 20
>> session 1: commit
>> And wait for session 3 to finish slot creation, takes about 20 mins on
>> my laptop without patches, minute and half with your patches for 0004
>> and 0005 (or with your 0004 and my 0005) and about 2s with my original
>> 0004 and 0005.
> Is that with assertions enabled or not?  With assertions all the time
> post patches seems to be spent in some Asserts in reorderbuffer.c,
> without it takes less than a second for me here.

Right you are, I always forget to switch that off before benchmarks.

> I'm appylying these now.

Cool. Just for posterity, this also fixes the issue number 3 as the
switch to consistent state is done purely based on xl_running_xacts and
not decoded commits/aborts.

So all done here, thanks!

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