On 05/16/2017 08:39 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
> Andres Freund <and...@anarazel.de> writes:
>> There we go:
>> https://buildfarm.postgresql.org/cgi-bin/show_stage_log.pl?nm=calliphoridae&dt=2017-05-16%2023:16:53&stg=typedefs
> Yup, looks good now.  Thanks!
> BTW, comparing the typedef list to what I got a few hours ago, I see
> that "Function" is now a known type name, along with the UWhatever
> symbols from ICU.  I wonder where that came from?  A quick grep
> suggests that it's not going to mess anything up too badly, but it
> sure seems like a poor choice for a globally visible typedef name.

There is a place in pgindent around line 139 where we filter out
typedefs we don't want. You could add it there of you were so inclined.
I agree this seems like a remarkably bad choice of name.



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