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> pqWait is internal to libpq, so we are free to set up what we want here.
> Still I think that we should be consistent with what pqSocketCheck returns:

Please let this what it is now for the same reason Robert mentioned.

> +    int            ret = 0;
> +    int            timeout = 0;
> The declaration of "ret" should be internal in the for(;;) loop.


> +           /* Attempt connection to the next host, starting the
> connect_timeout timer */
> +           pqDropConnection(conn, true);
> +           conn->addr_cur = conn->connhost[conn->whichhost].addrlist;
> +           conn->status = CONNECTION_NEEDED;
> +           finish_time = time(NULL) + timeout;
> +       }
> I think that it would be safer to not set finish_time if
> conn->connect_timeout is NULL. I agree that your code works because
> pqWaitTimed() will never complain on timeout reached if finish_time is -1.
> That's for robustness sake.

Done, but I'm not sure how this contributes to the robustness.  I guess you 
were concerned just in case pqWaitTimed() returned 0 (timeout) even when it 
should not.

Takayuki Tsunakawa

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