On Thu, May 18, 2017 at 11:00 PM, Tom Lane <t...@sss.pgh.pa.us> wrote:
> * Improvements in formatting around sizeof and related constructs,
> for example:
> * Likewise, operators after casts work better than before:
> * Sane formatting of function typedefs, for example:
> * Non-typedef struct pointers are now formatted consistently, for example:
> * Better handling of pointers with const/volatile qualifiers, for example:
> * Better handling of PG_USED_FOR_ASSERTS_ONLY declarations, for example
> * Corner cases where no space was left before a comment are fixed:

Those all sound like good things.

> Another set of changes is slightly different handling of unrecognized
> typedef names:
> @@ -250,7 +250,7 @@ typedef enum
>     PGSS_TRACK_NONE,            /* track no statements */
>     PGSS_TRACK_TOP,             /* only top level statements */
>     PGSS_TRACK_ALL              /* all statements, including nested ones */
> -}  PGSSTrackLevel;
> +}          PGSSTrackLevel;
> The reason PGSSTrackLevel is "unrecognized" is that it's not in
> typedefs.list, which is a deficiency in our typedef-collection
> technology not in indent.  (I believe the problem is that there
> are no variables declared with that typename, causing there to
> not be any of the kind of symbol table entries we are looking for.)
> The handling of such names was already slightly wonky, though;
> note that the previous version was already differently indented
> from what would happen if PGSSTrackLevel were known.

This, however, doesn't sound so good.  Isn't there some way this can be fixed?

> All in all, this looks pretty darn good from here, and I'm thinking
> we should push forward on it.

What does that exactly mean concretely?

We've talked about pulling pgindent into our main repo, or posting a
link to a tarball someplace.  An intermediate plan might be to give it
its own repo, but on git.postgresql.org, which seems like it might
give us the best of both worlds.  But I really want something that's
going to be easy to set up and configure.  It took me years to be
brave enough to get the current pgindent set up.

Robert Haas
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