On 2017-05-28 01:21, Mark Kirkwood wrote:
Sorry - I see you have done this already.

On 28/05/17 11:15, Mark Kirkwood wrote:
Interesting - might be good to see your test script too (so we can better understand how you are deciding if the runs are successful or not).

Yes, in pgbench_derail2.sh in the cb function it says:

  if [[ "${md5_total[$port1]}" == "${md5_total[$port2]}" ]]
    echo " ok"
    echo " NOK"

This is the final decision about success ('ok') or failure ('NOK'). (NOK stands for 'Not OK')

The two compared md5's (on the two ports: primary and replica) are each taken over a concatenation of the 4 separate md5's of the table-content (taken earlier in cb()). If one or more of the 4 md5's differs, then that concatation-md5 will differ too.

Sorry, there is not a lot of comment

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