On 26/05/17 20:09, Erik Rijkers wrote:

The idea is simple enough:

startup instance1
startup instance2 (on same machine)
primary: init pgbench tables
primary: add primary key to pgbench_history
copy empty tables to replica by dump/restore
primary: start publication
replica: start subscription
primary: run 1-minute pgbench
wait till the 4 md5's of primary pgbench tables
  are the same as the 4 md5's of replica pgbench
  tables (this will need a time-out).
log 'ok' or 'not ok'
primary: clean up publication
replica: clean up subscription
shutdown primary
shutdown replica

this whole thing 100

I might have a look at scripting this up (especially if it keeps raining here)...

Some questions that might help me get it right:
- do you think we need to stop and start the instances every time?
- do we need to init pgbench each time?
- could we just drop the subscription and publication and truncate the replica tables instead?
- what scale pgbench are you running?
- how many clients for the 1 min pgbench run?
- are you starting the pgbench run while the copy_data jobs for the subscription are still running?
- how exactly are you calculating those md5's?



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