On 06/01/17 17:41, Tom Lane wrote:
> 12169 warnings generated by -Wconversion
> 4106 warnings generated by -Wconversion -Wno-sign-conversion
> ...
> So it's better with -Wno-sign-conversion, but I'd say we're still not
> going there anytime soon.

On an optimistic note, there might not turn out to be anywhere near
as many distinct causes; there's typically a lot of amplification.
The one patch I sent in eliminated screens upon screens of warning
output from the PL/Java build (I made no effort to count them, I just
listened to the noise in my speakers until I heard the scrolling stop).

It might be fun to see how big a chunk of the 4106 would vanish just
with the first tweak to one of the causes that's mentioned in a lot of
them. (Unless your figures were already after culling to distinct causes,
which would sound like a more-than-casual effort.)

Trouble is, after that first taste of success beyond expectation,
it gets like a drug.


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