Robert Haas <> writes:
> I think the idea of retrying process creation (and I definitely agree
> with Tom and Magnus that we have to retry process creation, not just
> individual mappings) is a good place to start.  Now if we find that we
> are having to retry frequently, then I think we might need to try
> something along the lines of what Andres proposed and what nginx
> apparently did.  However, any fixed address will be prone to
> occasional failures (or maybe, on some systems, regular failures) if
> that particular address happens to get claimed by something.  I don't
> think we can say that there is any address where that definitely won't
> happen.  So I would say let's do this retry thing first, and then if
> that proves inadequate, we can also try moving the mappings to a range
> where conflicts are less likely.

By definition, the address range we're trying to reuse worked successfully
in the postmaster process.  I don't see how forcing a specific address
could do anything but create an additional risk of postmaster startup

                        regards, tom lane

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