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> Amit Kapila <amit.kapil...@gmail.com> writes:
>> Sure.  I think it is slightly tricky because specs don't say clearly
>> how ASLR can impact the behavior of any API and in my last attempt I
>> could not reproduce the issue.
>> I can try to do basic verification with the patch you have proposed,
>> but I fear, to do the actual tests as suggested by you is difficult as
>> it is not reproducible on my machine, but I can still try.
> Yeah, being able to reproduce the problem reliably enough to say whether
> it's fixed or not is definitely the sticking point here.

Agreed.  By the way, while browsing about this problem, I found that
one other open source (nginx) has used a solution similar to what
Andres was proposing upthread to solve this problem.  Refer:

Just to be clear, by above, I don't mean to say that if some other
open source is using some solution, we should also use it, but I think
it is worth considering (especially if it is a proven solution - just
saying based on the time (2015) it has been committed and sustained in
the code).

>  I have some
> ideas about that:
> 1. Be sure to use Win32 not Win64 --- the odds of a failure in the larger
> address space are so small you'd never prove anything.  (And of course
> it has to be a version that has ASLR enabled.)

I don't have access to Win32, so I request others who are reading this
and have access to Win32 to see if they can help in reproducing the

> 2. Revert 7f3e17b48 so that you have an ASLR-enabled build.
> 3. Crank shared_buffers to the maximum the machine will allow, reducing
> the amount of free address space and improving the odds of a collision.
> 4. Spawn lots of sessions --- pgbench with -C option might be a useful
> testing tool.

All are very good points and I think together they will certainly
improve the chances of reproducing this problem.

With Regards,
Amit Kapila.
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