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>> Why didn't rsync made the copies on master and replica same?
>> Because rsync was running with —size-only flag.
>> IIUC the situation, the new WAL and updated pg_control file has been
>> copied, but not updated data files due to which the WAL has not been
>> replayed on replicas?  If so, why the pg_control file is copied, it's
>> size shouldn't have changed?
>> Because on master pg_upgrade moves $prefix/9.5/data/global/pg_control to
>> $prefix/9.5/data/global/pg_control.old and creates new
>> $prefix/9.6/data/global/pg_control without making hardlink. When running
>> rsync from master to replica rsync sees $prefix/9.6/data/global/pg_control
>> on master and checks if it is a hardlink. Since it is not a hardlink and
>> $prefix/9.6/data/global/pg_control does not exist on replica rsync copies
>> it. For data files the logic is different since they are hardlinks,
>> corresponding files exist on replica and they are the same size.
> Okay, in that case, I guess it is better to run Analyze on master
> after the upgrade is complete (including an upgrade for replicas).  If
> you are worried about the performance of read-only replicas till the
> time Analyze on the master in completed, you might want to use
> --analyze-in-stages of vaccumdb and or use (-j njobs) along with it to
> parallelize the operation.

What about the following sequence?

1. Run pg_upgrade on master,
2. Start it in single-user mode and stop (to get right wal_level in pg_control),
3. Copy pg_control somewhere,
4. Start master, run analyze and stop.
5. Put the control file from step 3 to replicas and rsync them according to the 

And I think that step 10.f in the documentation [1] should be fixed to mention 
starting in single-user mode or with disabled autovacuum.

[1] https://www.postgresql.org/docs/devel/static/pgupgrade.html

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