Tom Lane wrote:
> Satyanarayana Narlapuram <> writes:

> > Change the Postgres wire protocol to include server name in the startup 
> > message. This field can be an optional field driven by the connection 
> > parameters for psql (-N, --servername).
> > We need this extra parameter for backward compatibility.
> > Make PostgreSQL server aware of the new field, and accept the startup 
> > message containing this field. Though server doesn't need this field, this 
> > change helps making the server name by default included in the startup 
> > message in future.
> This makes no sense at all.  The client is telling the server what the
> server's name is?

I think for instance you could have one pgbouncer instance (or whatever
pooler) pointing to several different servers.  So the client connects
to the pooler and indicates which of the servers to connect to.

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