On 2017-06-15 09:43:13 -0400, Tom Lane wrote:
> Satyanarayana Narlapuram <satyanarayana.narlapu...@microsoft.com> writes:
> > As a cloud service, Azure Database for PostgreSQL uses a gateway proxy to 
> > route connections to a node hosting the actual server. To do that, the 
> > proxy needs to know the name of the server it tries to locate. As a 
> > work-around we currently overload the username parameter to pass in the 
> > server name using username@servername convention. It is purely a convention 
> > that our customers need to follow and understand. We would like to extend 
> > the PgSQL connection protocol to add an optional parameter for the server 
> > name to help with this scenario.
> We don't actually have any concept of a server name at the moment,
> and it isn't very clear what introducing that concept would buy.
> Please explain.

cluster_name could be what's meant?

- Andres

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