> > Is it too late to suggest that there be a way to have output displayed
> > on screen AND output to a file?  
> tee perhaps?

Tee ALMOST does it.  Try doing a \d while tee'ing the output, for example.

I don't quite get everything back before it asks for the next input line, 
sometimes all that is missing is the prompt itself.

I haven't set up a 7.4 test system yet, but I've been looking into it in 
7.3.3.  it gives me something fairly harmless to work on as I learn more C.

I think tee may write straight to sysout, so it is probably intermingling
with the writes from within psql.  I'm not sure why sometimes it is only
missing a line or two and other times it is missing several lines.  There
doesn't appear to be a way to set the popen on the \o command to 
non-buffer mode or to force a flush on a pipe.  (The equivalent of fflush.)

I have also noticed that if I have timing on, the timing stats do not get 
sent to the output file, just to the screen.  (That doesn't concern me
at this point, it was just a side comment on screen vs file output.)

> This is irrelevant to what I'm doing, in any case, and it's not an itch
> I feel personally.  Work on it yourself if you want it ...

I'm trying to, now I really feel like a rookie!  :-)
Mike Nolan

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