> This is irrelevant to what I'm doing, in any case, and it's not an itch
> I feel personally.  Work on it yourself if you want it ...

OK, I figured it out.  :-)

It's a fairly short patch in 7.3.3, what do I need to do to submit it
for 7.4?

I also made a minor functional change that may need to be turned into
an additional variant on echo:  if ECHO is set to 'queries' and output
is being sent other than to stdout (\o), it echoes the query to the output
file or pipe.  

If that's too much of a change and this needs to be a separate option, 
I'd suggest something like setting ECHO to 'queryout'.  To be complete, 
would it need to have a command line equivalent, too?

BTW, I figured out how to direct the output to a separate file each time,
I put the following in .psqlrc:

    \o |tee `echo psql_${$}.txt`

Mike Nolan

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