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> > Open Items:
> >
> > 1. The BitmapHeapScan and TableSampleScan are tightly coupled with
> > HeapTuple and HeapScanDesc, So these scans are directly operating
> > on those structures and providing the result.
> >
> > These scan types may not be applicable to different storage formats.
> > So how to handle them?
> I think that BitmapHeapScan, at least, is applicable to any table AM
> that has TIDs.   It seems to me that in general we can imagine three
> kinds of table AMs:
> 1. Table AMs where a tuple can be efficiently located by a real TID.
> By a real TID, I mean that the block number part is really a block
> number and the item ID is really a location within the block.  These
> are necessarily quite similar to our current heap, but they can change
> the tuple format and page format to some degree, and it seems like in
> many cases it should be possible to plug them into our existing index
> AMs without too much heartache.  Both index scans and bitmap index
> scans ought to work.

If #1 is only about changing tuple and page formats, then could be much
simpler than the patch upthread?  We can implement "page format access
methods" with routines for insertion, update, pruning and deletion of
tuples *in particular page*.  There is no need to redefine high-level logic
for scanning heap, doing updates and so on...

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