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> >> Putting that in a couple of words.
> >> 1. Table AM with a 6-byte TID.
> >> 2. Table AM with a custom locator format, which could be TID-like.
> >> 3. Table AM with no locators.
> >>
> >> Getting into having #1 first to work out would already be really
> >> useful for users.
> >
> > What exactly would be useful for *users*?  Any kind of API itself is
> > completely useless for users, because they are users, not developers.
> > Storage API could be useful for developers to implement storage AMs
> whose in
> > turn could be useful for users.
> What's your point?  I assume that is what Michael meant.

TBH, I don't understand what particular enchantments do we expect from
having #1.
This is why it's hard for me to say if #1 is good idea.  It's also hard for
me to say if patch upthread is right way of implementing #1.
But, I have gut feeling that if even #1 is good idea itself, it's
definitely not what users expect from "pluggable storages".
>From user side, it would be normal to expect that "pluggable storage" could
be index-organized table where index could be say LSM...

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