The number of retries and maybe failures should be counted, maybe with
some adjustable maximum, as suggested.

If we fix the maximum number of attempts the maximum number of failures for one script execution will be bounded above (number_of_transactions_in_script * maximum_number_of_attempts). Do you think we should make the option in program to limit this number much more?

Probably not. I think that there should be a configurable maximum of
retries on a transaction, which may be 0 by default if we want to be
upward compatible with the current behavior, or maybe something else.

I propose the option --max-attempts-number=NUM which NUM cannot be less than 1. I propose it because I think that, for example, --max-attempts-number=100 is better than --max-retries-number=99. And maybe it's better to set its default value to 1 too because retrying of shell commands can produce new errors..

Personnaly, I like counting retries because it also counts the number of time the transaction actually failed for some reason. But this is a marginal preference, and one can be switchted to the other easily.


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