> What I am suggesting here is that in order to handle properly SCRAM
> with channel binding, pgpool has to provide a different handling for
> client <-> pgpool and pgpool <-> Postgres. In short, I don't have a
> better answer than having pgpool impersonate the server and request
> for a password in cleartext through an encrypted connection between
> pgpool and the client if pgpool does not know about it, and then let
> pgpool do by itself the SCRAM authentication on a per-connection basis
> with each Postgres instances. When using channel binding, what would
> matter is the TLS finish (for tls-unique) or the hash server
> certificate between Postgres and pgpool, not between the client and
> pgpool. But that's actually the point you are raising here:

Using a clear text password would not be acceptable for users even
through an encrypted connection, I think.

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