> 14 июля 2017 г., в 1:33, Stephen Frost <sfr...@snowman.net> написал(а):
> What would be really nice for such cases is support for Kerberos and
> delegated Kerberos credentials.  Having pgpool support that would remove
> the need to deal with passwords at all.

Since nearly all systems with some kind of load nowadays use connection poolers 
(pgpool-II or pgbouncer) between applications and postgres, it is a pretty big 
pain to re-implement all authentication methods supported by postgres in such 
poolers. Kerberos is cool but not the only thing that should be supported by 
FDWs or connection poolers. I.e. many users would want to have support for LDAP 
and SCRAM. And every time when there would be some changes in postgres auth 
methods, exactly the same work (or even worse) should be done in many (at least 
two) other products widely used by people.

It seems that postgres either should provide connection pooling feature in core 
or give external poolers a kind of generic mechanism to transparently proxy 
auth requests/responses, so that authentication would be fully managed by 
postgres and that would be the only place where changes in auth methods should 
be done. Yes, in this case connection pooler actually behaves like man in the 
middle so it should be done very carefully but it seems that there is no other 

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