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> 14 июля 2017 г., в 1:33, Stephen Frost <sfr...@snowman.net> написал(а):
> What would be really nice for such cases is support for Kerberos and
> delegated Kerberos credentials.  Having pgpool support that would remove
> the need to deal with passwords at all.
> Since nearly all systems with some kind of load nowadays use connection
> poolers (pgpool-II or pgbouncer) between applications and postgres, it is a
> pretty big pain to re-implement all authentication methods supported by
> postgres in such poolers. Kerberos is cool but not the only thing that
> should be supported by FDWs or connection poolers. I.e. many users would
> want to have support for LDAP and SCRAM.

For the postgres_fdw, LDAP and SCRAM just work.  In the case of SCRAM (and
MD5), it would be nice if you could store something other than the
plain-text password, but that is a different matter.   If other FDW connect
to something which can do LDAP or SCRAM, I don't see why those FDW would
have any difficulty, either.

> And every time when there would be some changes in postgres auth methods,
> exactly the same work (or even worse) should be done in many (at least two)
> other products widely used by people.

That is not all that often.

> It seems that postgres either should provide connection pooling feature in
> core

That would be nice, but since pgpool and pgbouncer co-exist with each
other, I see no reason to think they wouldn't continue to exist even if
there were an in-core pooler.



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