Some nice advances to SQL standard array support were made, but there are
a few things that don't work yet in the sense of feature S091 "Basic array
support".  Joe, do you want to take on some of these?  They should be
pretty easy (for you).

* Declaration of multidimensional arrays (see clause 6.1):

create table test2 (a int, b text array[5] array[6]);
ERROR:  syntax error at or near "array" at character 44

* Empty arrays (see clause 6.4):

insert into test values (1, array[]);
ERROR:  syntax error at or near "]" at character 35

* Cardinality function (returns array dimensions, see clause 6.17).

* Using an array as a table source using UNNEST, something like:

select * from unnest(test.b);

(Check the exact spec to be sure; clause 7.6.)

* Some information schema work (doing that now...)

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