Tom Lane wrote:
Joe Conway <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

So array[] should produce '{}' of (an array) type determined by the context? OK -- seems easy enough.

Is it? I think we'd decided that this could only reasonably be handled by creating a datatype representing array-of-UNKNOWN. I'm afraid to do that because I think it might allow the parser's type resolution algorithms to follow paths we will not like. Perhaps it can be made to work, but I think it will require some careful study.

I took a closer look -- yeah, without array-of-UNKNOWN I don't think we can make this work.

I got something working by forcing the element type to UNKNOWN when the elements list is empty in transformExpr(), but then select_common_type() turns around and turns UNKNOWN into TEXT, so you wind up with an empty text[].

I won't bother sending that patch in because I *know* it will get rejected ;-)

I guess we should put array-of-UNKNOWN on the list of things to look at for 7.5.


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