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Attached is the second version which updated docs in postgres-fdw.sgml
as well.

!    no local joins for the query, no row-level local <literal>BEFORE</> or
!    <literal>AFTER</> triggers on the target table, and no
!    <literal>CHECK OPTION</> constraints from parent views.
!    In <command>UPDATE</>,

Might be a silly question, is CHECK OPTION a "constraint"?

I mean constraints derived from WITH CHECK OPTIONs specified for parent views. We use the words "WITH CHECK OPTION constraints" in comments in nodeModifyTable.c, so the expression "CHECK OPTION constrains" doesn't sound not that bad to me. (I used "CHECK OPTION", not "WITH CHECK OPTION", because we use "CHECK OPTION" a lot more in the documentation than "WITH CHECK OPTION".)

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