On Fri, Jul 21, 2017 at 7:06 AM, Andres Freund <and...@anarazel.de> wrote:
> On 2015-09-30 23:29:30 +0000, Robert Haas wrote:
>> Add a Gather executor node.
>> ...
>> src/backend/executor/execProcnode.c           |   46 ++++
> I just noticed that this added a new execProcnode dispatch routine, but
> didn't add that to the file's header
>  *              ExecInitNode    -               initialize a plan node and 
> its subplans
>  *              ExecProcNode    -               get a tuple by executing the 
> plan node
>  *              ExecEndNode             -               shut down a plan node 
> and its subplans
>  *

I think those top-of-file lists are just annoying, and would prefer to
rip them out entirely rather than spend time maintaining them.  If you
want to see the list of interface routines, look in the header file.

heapam.c's header, for example, is missing try_relation_open,
relation_openrv_extended, heap_openrv_extended,
heap_beginscan_catalog, heap_beginscan_strat, heap_beginscan_bm,
heap_beginscan_sampling, heap_setscanlimits, heapgetpage,
heap_rescan_set_params, heap_parallelscan_estimate,
heap_parallelscan_initialize, heap_beginscan_parallel,
heap_hot_search_buffer, heap_hot_search, setLastTid,
GetBulkInsertState, FreeBulkInsertState, ReleaseBulkInsertState,
heap_finish_speculative, heap_abort_speculative, heap_lock_tuple,
heap_inplace_update, heap_tuple_needs_freeze,
heap_tuple_needs_eventual_freeze, simple_heap_insert,
simple_heap_update, simple_heap_delete, and heap_update_snapshot,
which means that if this comment was ever correct, it was more than a
decade ago.

Robert Haas
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