Hello, hackers.

I need someone to throw some light on grammar (gram.y).
I'm investigating beta2 regression tests, and found new statement

`ALTER USER ALL SET application_name to 'SLAP';`

I know for sure that in beta1 this operator fails. So I decided to recheck 

            ALTER USER RoleSpec SetResetClause;
RoleSpec:    NonReservedWord
             | CURRENT_USER
             | SESSION_USER;

But *ALL is reserved word*! Thus "ALTER ROLE\USER ALL" should fail.

OK, I checked in Pg10 beta2, installer provided by EDB. It worked.

Then I asked someone to check this against fresh built server from
'master'. It failed.

So, the situation is:

1. Docs say this is correct statement:

2. The sources in master don't support such production:
Line 1179 for AlterUserSetStmt rule;
Line 14515 for RoleSpec rule;

3. EDB 10beta2 server supports it.

What's going on?

With best wishes,
 Pavel                          mailto:pa...@gf.microolap.com

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