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TL> Pavel Golub <pa...@microolap.com> writes:
>> I need someone to throw some light on grammar (gram.y).
>> I'm investigating beta2 regression tests, and found new statement

>> `ALTER USER ALL SET application_name to 'SLAP';`
>>             ^^^

TL> You'll notice that that statement fails in the regression tests:

TL> ALTER USER ALL SET application_name to 'SLAP';
TL> ERROR:  syntax error at or near "ALL"

Oops! My bad!

TL> The one that works is

TL> ALTER ROLE ALL SET application_name to 'SLAP';

TL> and the reason is that AlterRoleSetStmt has a separate production
TL> for ALL, but AlterUserSetStmt doesn't.

Yeap, I see now separate rule for ALL in AlterRoleSetStmt.

TL> This seems a tad bizarre
TL> though.  Peter, you added that production (in commit 9475db3a4);
TL> is this difference intentional or just an oversight?  If it's
TL> intentional, what's the reasoning?

TL> BTW, I'm quite confused as to why these test cases (in rolenames.sql)
TL> seem to predate that commit, and yet it did not change their results.

TL>                         regards, tom lane

With best wishes,
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