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>> How many rows of FK table were referencing the PK table row you're
>> updating/deleting.
>> I wonder how may RI trigger work so fast if it has to do some job besides
>> index search with no results?
> The problem here is that the only to option for the foreign key arrays are
> NO ACTION and RESTRICT which don't allow me to update/delete a refrenced
> row in the PK Table. the EXPLAIN ANALYZE only tells me that this violates
> the FK constraint.
> So we have two options. Either implement CASCADE or if there's a
> configration for EXPLAIN to show costs even if it violates the FK
> constraints.

Oh, ok.  I missed that.
Could you remind me why don't we have DELETE CASCADE?  I understand that
UPDATE CASCADE is problematic because it's unclear which way should we
delete elements from array.  But what about DELETE CASCADE?

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