These are limitations of the patch ordered by importance:

✗ presupposes that count(distinct y) has exactly the same notion of
equality that the PK unique index has. In reality, count(distinct) will
fall back to the default btree opclass for the array element type.

- Supported actions:

✗ coercion is unsopported. i.e. a numeric can't refrence int8

✗ Only one "ELEMENT" column allowed in a multi-column key

✗ undesirable dependency on default opclass semantics in the patch, which
is that it supposes it can use array_eq() to detect whether or not the
referencing column has changed.  But I think that can be fixed without
undue pain by providing a refactored version of array_eq() that can be told
which element-comparison function to use

✗ cross-type FKs are unsupported

-- Resolved limitations =============================

✔ fatal performance issues.  If you issue any UPDATE or DELETE against the
PK table, you get a query like this for checking to see if the RI
constraint would be violated:
SELECT 1 FROM ONLY fktable x WHERE $1 = ANY (fkcol) FOR SHARE OF x;
/* Changed into SELECT 1 FROM ONLY fktable x WHERE $1 @> fkcol FOR SHARE OF
x; */

-- ============================================

Can someone help me understand the first limitation?

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